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Coin Lock Specifications

Fitting of Locks

Full instructions and hints to avoid pitfalls are included with all consignments. Striking plates to suit wooden doors and frames are supplied as standard.

The use of check hinges is strongly recommended. Spring hinges are not suitable as these cause the doors to close without control. Coin locks, because of their size and weight, can close on to the frame of the door forcibly and cause damage to the lock and door frame, and also injury to cubicle users. We can supply the correct check spring hinges for each lock.

No responsibilty for damage to the locks and door frames or injury can be accepted if this recommendation is ignored.

All Locwil locks use the same coin mechanism, the difference in the pattern numbers refer to the case length and additional features.

Inspection Covers

This cover, which incorporates the vacant/engaged sign, enables the operator to remove bent coins or foreign objects easily. Pattern numbers 56 and 61 have no inspection covers and would require the lock to be removed from the door to free the coin action should it become jammed.

Coin Tills

These receive coins into the lower part of the lock and can be "open top" or "locked top".

With a locked top till, the toilet attendant does not have access to the money in the till, the key to the locked top remaining in the hands of the manager, thus preventing loss of reveue. Where locked tops are used, a number of spare tills should be ordered to be used when the full tills are with the manager.


All locks allow the use of an attendants key. This enables the attendant to open the door to the cubicle in the event of an emergency. It is normal practice to issue the attendant with a key to the inspection door (where the locks in question have one fitted) thus enabling the attendant to remove bent coins etc. One set of keys is supplied for each consignment of locks, but additional sets can be ordered.

Lock Case Finishes

Type (A) : Black
Type (B) : Special Paint Colours to B.S.S.

Ordering Details Required

1. Pattern number of the lock
2. Finish of the lock
3. Handing of the lock (specify sketch number as below)
4. Coin or token to be used (if overseas send specimen coins)
5. If pattern number 1289 is required, please specify "open top" or "locked top" tills.
6. Door and frame material. Door weight.
7. Check hinges required and hands of hinge
8. Number of keys sets required (one set supplied with order)

Lock Positioning & Door Hinging


Hinge 1 Showing right hand lock for doors opening inwards Hinge 2 Showing left hand lock for doors opening inwards
Hinge 3 Showing right hand lock for doors opening outwards Hinge 4 Showing left hand lock for doors opening outwards