perfected engineering

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Coin Operated Locks


Engineered reliability

  • Long lasting
  • Constructed from the finest non-ferrous metals

Engineered strength

  • Robust construction
  • Vandal resistant design

Engineered excellence

  • Made to order by master craftsmen
  • Over 80 years of service


The home of perfected engineering in coin operated vending machines and locks

Locwil has been manufacturing coin operated doorlocks for over 80 years, supplying customers both in the UK and overseas.

Our locks are made to order to the highest quality on our premises by craftsmen using only the finest non-ferrous materials.

The ensures many years of service in conditions of high humidity such as is found in toilets, shower cubicles and washrooms.

The locks are extremely robust and vandal resistant.

Locks can be set to operate with any coin or token. Conversions can also be undertaken.