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Custom Machines

Built to your specific requirements

When you contact Locwil we will give you professional advice to make a machine especially for you.

Flexible and adaptable

For your product and your vend price. We also offer conversion service should you need to adjust vend prices.

Vend any packet within drawer dimensions

Our machines over the years have vended such items as Mouth Fresheners, tights, shampoo, washing machine tablet etc.

Product Drawer Dimensions:

A Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm)
Minimum 70 55 10
Maximum 110 75 25

Minimum 100 45 10
Maximum 130 50 20

Either drawer vends boxes up to the maximum, but drawer A can also vend tubes and plastic bottles.

Graphics production for your Logo

Want to enhance your machine? You send us your image and we will create a graphic laser transfer and apply it to the front cover.

Create adverting for your customers on the machine covers

Using our in-house graphic laser transfer service as above, why not sell advertising space on your machines.

Chrome drawers available for White Venders

Adding a Chrome drawer to your Powdercoated Vender will add that little bit extra when vending premium products.

Colours for your corporate image (minimum order 25)

For customers who might have a themed washroom or need a consistency across the country such as railway stations, hotel chains etc. why not have the machines powdercoated in your or your customer's Corporate colours.